Volunteer Leadership

The success of Break Through will derive in great part from the actions and leadership of its dedicated volunteers. Volunteers partner with Caltech to generate resources and to expand the Institute’s base of support. They bring unique perspectives, and by sharing their personal motivations for supporting Caltech, they can inspire peers to step up and do the same. One distinctive asset for the campaign to date has been engagement of members of the Board of Trustees, each of whom, in a volunteer capacity, has taken ownership for the campaign’s success.

Caltech is committed to ensuring a tailored experience for each volunteer. Campaign volunteers will undertake a wide variety of tasks—serving as advocates, advisers, and ambassadors for Caltech and the campaign—but the individual volunteer experience will be customized to capitalize on each volunteer’s personal interests and strengths.

Board of Trustees

As the governing body of Caltech, the Board of Trustees maintains primary responsibility for the success of Break Through, and trustees have served as the campaign’s key advocates and supporters since the quiet phase began in January 2011. All trustees serve as general advocates for the campaign, and many will take on customized volunteer roles.

Campaign Executive Committee

The Campaign Executive Committee is the campaign’s core volunteer leadership team. Made up of trustee co-chairs and honorary chairs, it is charged with helping to grow campaign momentum. The committee has been deeply engaged throughout the campaign’s quiet phase, helping position Caltech to raise $2 billion or more over the course of the campaign.

Committee members are responsible for:

  • serving as key advocates and ambassadors for the campaign;
  • identifying, cultivating, and soliciting leadership donors;
  • recruiting campaign volunteers; and
  • keeping the Board of Trustees apprised of the implementation of the campaign plan.


  • Brigitte Bren, attorney
  • Bill Davidow (MS ’59), founding partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures
  • David Lee (PhD ’74), chairman, Caltech Board of Trustees; managing general partner, Clarity Partners, LP
  • Stewart Resnick, chairman and president, Roll Global, LLC

Honorary Chairs:

  • Kent Kresa, chairman emeritus, Caltech Board of Trustees; chairman emeritus, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Ron Linde (MS ’62, PhD ’64), independent investor and chair, The Ronald and Maxine Linde Foundation; founder and former chief executive officer, Envirodyne Industries, Inc.
  • Betty Moore, co-founder, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Gordon Moore (PhD ’54), chairman emeritus, Caltech Board of Trustees; chairman emeritus, Intel Corporation
  • Benjamin Rosen (BS ’54), chairman emeritus, Caltech Board of Trustees; chairman emeritus, Compaq Computer Corporation
  • Wally Weisman, former chairman and chief executive officer, American Medical International, Inc.

Other Volunteer Groups

Caltech benefits from the support of a number of longstanding volunteer groups. Each of these groups will play an integral role in Break Through. A representative from each volunteer group will serve as a campaign volunteer, acting as a liaison with leadership. In addition, a Campaign Leadership Council will be formed to recognize donors who have made significant commitments to the campaign.