Campaign Priorities

Break Through: The Caltech Campaign will ensure the ability to explore and innovate for Caltech, its researchers, and the students who represent the future. The campaign will raise funds to support three key objectives:
1) Enable Caltech to Take Smart Risks
2) Provide an Exceptional Educational Experience
3) Seed and Support High-Impact Research Areas

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The Process of Discovery

“Whenever I see a new student standing alone during rotation, I remember how welcoming students were to me when I got here, and how it made me feel comfortable,” says Teresa Tran, a junior biology major at Caltech. “So I think to myself, ‘That’s how people are here—and I am part of this community now.’ I’ve sometimes surprised myself by initiating conversations with people I don’t know because that’s something I never really did before coming to Caltech.”

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Caltech undergradaute student Yeorgia Kafkoulis

A Mathematical Universe

Even our most reliable ideas about how the universe works break down in certain domains. They can’t account for the weirdness of quantum mechanics or the recursive chaos of fractals. Hungry for answers, many researchers—including one Caltech undergraduate and her faculty mentor—aim to come up with a better explanation.

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