Human Health

A mobile app that decodes the health of your heart. Probiotics that can treat the symptoms of autism. A 30-minute test that reveals your body’s resistance to certain antibiotics. Caltech researchers from diverse fields—biology, chemistry, physics, electrical and mechanical engineering, and geology—are advancing foundational science to create new medical treatments and tools. Your gift will accelerate the pace of discovery to help people live healthier, longer lives.

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Philanthropy Accelerates Research into the Microbiome

Behind almost every discovery, there is a team. Breakthroughs grow out of scientific collaborations among extraordinary investigators. And another type of partnership can drive new knowledge: backing from generous supporters. Such is the case for Sarkis Mazmanian, the Luis B. and Nelly Soux Professor of Microbiology and a Heritage Medical Research Institute Investigator at Caltech.

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Two Years In, the Campaign Continues to Create New Possibilities

Since its public launch in April 2016, Break Through: The Caltech Campaign has broken Institute fundraising records. While Break Through looks to secure Caltech’s future as a source of discovery for the world, the campaign already is making an imprint on campus and beyond by supporting Caltech people who are pursuing big questions and bold ideas.

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