Caltech alumnus Peter Hung

The Giving Reflex

Peter Hung has seen Caltech from a variety of angles—as an undergraduate, a graduate student, an award-winning instructor, a research mentor, an alumnus, and a donor. His story is a case study in what Caltech gives to its community, and how that community gives back.

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Break Through Prospers

Break Through, publicly launched just over a year ago, is already the most successful campaign in Caltech’s history. In the first year of the public phase alone, gifts exceeded $400 million. And total contributions—over $1.4 billion—have surpassed the goal of Caltech’s last campaign.

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Big Leaps, Happy Accidents

As an undergraduate, Robert Grubbs started out as an agricultural chemistry major. But when a friend invited him to help out in an organic chemistry lab, his research path—and his life—changed. Finding his passion in organic chemistry as a young scientist led Grubbs to a fruitful career at Caltech, one that earned him a Nobel Prize in 2005.

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