Campaign Priorities

Break Through: The Caltech Campaign will ensure the ability to explore and innovate for Caltech, its researchers, and the students who represent the future. The campaign will raise funds to support three key objectives:

1) Enable Caltech to Take Smart Risks: $600 million

Caltech scientists know that outliers and unexpected results can contain the seeds of a revolutionary new theory, field, or instrument. Pursuing ambitious goals and big questions requires flexible funding to venture into uncharted realms.

Empower Insightful Faculty

Accessible funds enable Caltech to make long-term investments in faculty—at all stages—as they reinvent knowledge, technologies, and even themselves.

Stimulate Creativity

The future of scientific exploration is wonderfully unknown. Flexible resources signal to our researchers that Caltech can and will champion their most inspired ideas, wherever they may lead.

Learn more about the power of discretionary endowment at Caltech.

2) Provide an Exceptional Educational Experience:
$600 million

Caltech students are tomorrow’s scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Giving them access to the best educational resources, experiences, and mentors will benefit our world.

Support Graduate Fellows

At Caltech, graduate students learn to be effective, independent investigators. Fellowship support attracts the most promising students, connects them with accomplished faculty across disciplines, and prepares them to make powerful contributions to science and society.

Learn more about graduate fellowships at Caltech.

Support Undergraduates

Aid for undergraduates provides talented, ambitious young people with access to a Caltech education. Coupled with Caltech’s need-blind admissions policy, scholarships ensure that today’s top students can become tomorrow’s problem-solvers and difference-makers.

Enrich Campus Life

Private support creates opportunities for students to learn from skilled teachers in optimal environments, and to reap the benefits of a broad college experience encompassing the arts, athletics, research, internships, and outreach.

3) Seed and Support High-Impact Research Areas:
$800 million

Caltech was established for and by radically inventive minds—people who embrace grand opportunities and flourish when given the freedom to let evidence and instincts guide them. Through work that spans our six academic divisions, Caltech is poised to make revolutionary contributions in areas such as:

Illuminate the Universe

Caltech launched the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, built the world’s biggest telescopes, and detected gravitational waves. Each breakthrough leads to new questions: What is the fundamental structure of the universe? What are dark energy and dark matter? Are we alone?

Advance Science and Technology for Human Health

Caltech researchers pursue fundamental discovery in diverse fields—and work in concert with partner medical institutions—to explore life at the most basic level, explain why humans behave the way they do, and invent new treatments and cures.

Pioneer Computation across Fields

From the quantum realm to the genome, from the human brain to the moving earth, Caltech researchers use computational tools where they have not been used before—and create brand new ones—to gain powerful insights from reams of data.

Rethink Energy and the Environment

Combining expertise on the ground and in space, Caltech is producing a new level of knowledge about Earth—potentially changing the balance of humanity’s sustainability by transforming how we create and use energy and conserve our planet’s precious resources.