June 24, 2019

Carver Mead New Adventures Fund Empowers Early-Stage Research

Wearable biosensors to monitor depression. Algorithms to accelerate directed evolution. More accurate climate predictions. These are just a few of the advances Caltech’s Carver Mead New Adventures Fund has helped launch.

Caltech faculty are idea-generators. Early in their research, they need dedicated resources to develop their ideas so they can attract government and industry support. Enter the Carver Mead New Adventures Fund, a powerful resource that champions promising projects at their early stages. The fund is appropriately named for computing pioneer Carver Mead (BS ’56, PhD ’60), the Gordon and Betty Moore Professor of Engineering and Applied Science, Emeritus, a scientist and engineer who embodies Caltech’s spirit of reinvention and innovation.

Mead’s former students Ted Jenkins (BS ’65, MS ’66), Phil Neches (BS ’73, MS ’77, PhD ’83), and Charlie Trimble (BS ’63, MS ’64), all three of whom are Caltech trustees, established the fund in 2014 to honor their mentor. Since then, nearly 200 people, about half of whom also studied with Mead, have added to the endowment, which currently totals more than $2.5 million.

On June 6 and 7, 2019, Caltech researchers, donors, and Mead himself gathered at the Changing Directions & Changing the World symposium, an event that highlighted the impact of several projects the fund has made possible. Looking to the future, Caltech has increased the fund’s goal to $5 million, to advance even more research opportunities.

To learn more about how you can honor Carver Mead and champion Caltech innovators, please contact Megan MacDonald, development officer for academic divisions and regions, at (626) 395-8802 or mmacdonald@caltech.edu.