Linde Hall: A New Home for Caltech Mathematics

It is an exciting time for the Caltech Department of Mathematics.

In 2016, Ronald (MS ’64, PhD ’64) and Maxine Linde endowed The Linde Center for New Initiatives to give Caltech leadership the resources to launch especially promising endeavors. The center’s first priority? Renewing Sloan Laboratory. The math department found its first campus home in this historic structure back in 1960, and Sloan had remained physically unchanged ever since.

To recognize the Lindes for their leadership contribution to galvanize the renovation, the modernized building is now known as Ronald and Maxine Linde Hall of Mathematics and Physics.


21st-Century Space

Ronald and Maxine Linde Hall of Mathematics and Physics

Linde Hall provides an enhanced environment for mathematics teaching and investigation. Informed by input from students as well as faculty, improvements include upgraded offices for graduate students and postdoctoral and visiting scholars, a large lecture hall, adaptable classrooms, and spaces for the collaboration and conversation that are key to mathematics research.

Now, Caltech seeks to partner with alumni and friends who would like to link their names with this exciting new facility and with mathematics at Caltech. A gift to name a space in Linde Hall is a gift to support Caltech mathematicians far into the future.

This renovation will bring new life and energy to the department.

Elena Mantovan, Executive Officer of Mathematics


Rich History

Defined by Exceptional Research and Teaching
Caltech’s Department of Mathematics is one of the smallest top-ranked math departments in the country, but it is broad in terms of ambition and impact. Its scholars have garnered high honors for pushing the frontiers of mathematical physics, analysis, number theory, combinatorics, and group theory. They have mentored generations of students. And they have written texts that are considered foundational to the field.


Bright Future

Giving Caltech Mathematics an Edge

Caltech’s Department of Mathematics is consistently ranked among the top programs of its kind in the United States. Working together and with colleagues across fields—from theoretical physics to biology—math researchers at Caltech are untangling some of the most challenging problems in the world.

The small size of the department ensures the flexibility scholars need to tackle these questions. At the same time, the Institute relies upon its mathematicians to help impart the quantitative skills for which all Caltech graduates are known.

To advance its high standards, the department deserves a home that matches its excellence. The refurbished building is as cutting-edge as the scholarship, as inspiring as the instruction, as collaborative as the culture.

Linde Hall is infusing mathematics at Caltech with new energy. It is giving a competitive edge in bringing the best minds to campus—ensuring that the department can continue to attract and retain the most talented and creative faculty, researchers, and students at all levels. With spaces carefully calibrated to promote robust teamwork as well as intense focus, the remodeled building is encouraging innovation in teaching and accelerating research that promises to yield elegant insights.

The new space will help us recruit and retain star mathematics faculty. It will give our graduate students comfortable spaces in which to interact and work. And it will be appreciated by every single Caltech undergraduate.

Fiona Harrison, Chair of the Division of Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy


Get Involved

You can help secure the future of mathematics at Caltech.

Your gift to name a classroom, interaction area, or office in Linde Hall is a prominent and powerful investment in Caltech mathematicians whose foundational understanding of structures, patterns, and processes advances human knowledge across countless fields. Further, because the auditorium (see photo above) hosts math classes required for almost every undergraduate major at Caltech, your contribution to name this space will transform the educational experience for students across all subject areas. Naming opportunities begin at $50,000.

When you give to name a space in Linde Hall, you link your name (or the name of someone you wish to honor) with the accomplishments of generations of faculty, researchers, and students who are changing the world.

To start a conversation, contact:
Brian Yocum
(626) 395-5705