Issue 5: April 2018

Lots in Translation



Caltech scientists and engineers are translating inquiries into insights and ideas into inventions.


Take a look.

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Full Charge Ahead

There are two types of people: those who think cell phone batteries should hold more charge, and those—like Julia Greer—who think cell phone batteries should hold more charge and decide to do something about it.


A Translator of His Own Work

Mitch Guttman fashioned himself a biologist as well as a builder of scientific tools, methods, and algorithms when he arrived at Caltech in 2013. Others, the assistant professor of biology thought, would translate his fundamental science into more effective treatments for patients.

Today, he has a different perspective.


Six Lessons from 12 Weeks in France

In her third year at Caltech, biological engineering undergraduate Anusha Nathan took her education to a new place—5,000 miles away. She enrolled in Caltech’s exchange program with École Polytechnique, one of France’s top universities in bioengineering, biology, and health sciences.

We translated her 12 weeks in France into a set of lessons—about science, language, and life.



So, What Do You Do?

We gave five Caltech postdoctoral scholars and graduate students a challenge: Using the simplest terms possible, tell us about a concept related to your research. Here’s what they said.

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Caltech postdoctoral scholar Stewart Mallory
Caltech postdoctoral scholar Ezgi Kunttas
Caltech graduate student Chujun Lin
Caltech gradaute student Alejandro Robinson Cortes
Caltech graduate student Nicole Yunger Halpern

Nanorobots to the Rescue

Learn about self-propelled nanoparticles from Stewart Mallory, an AGEP postdoctoral scholar in chemical engineering.

Birds and Butterflies Do It ... and So Do Human Cells

At any moment, millions of our cells are on the move, orchestrating immune responses or other benefits. Ezgi Kunttas, a postdoctoral scholar in biology and biological engineering, discusses collective cell migration.

Before You Vote or Go on a Dating Website, Think of This

Social science graduate student Chujun Lin shares her research on human face perception.

How Economics Can Help Children

Alejandro Robinson Cortes, an economics graduate student, describes how he is applying matching market theories to the U.S. foster care system.

Quantum Theory and Our Warm, Wet, Large Brains

Most people have a hard time grasping the concept of quantum information. What does it mean to pair the term with quantum cognition? Physics graduate student Nicole Yunger Halpern explains.