The Nolands with Caltech's president

A Rocket Designer Helps Today’s Students

A seven-hour trip is not easy at 97 and 82 years old. But that did not keep Distinguished Alumnus Robert Noland (BS ’41) and his wife, Del, from traveling from Reno, Nevada, to campus in 2016 for his 75th reunion. Robert Noland credits Caltech for a leading-edge education and strong friendships. Those helped him excel as he took on challenges in rocket design and corporate leadership.

The Nolands have stayed involved with Caltech. And they have given generously. Four decades ago, they established a scholarship for students who demonstrate leadership and who need aid to attend Caltech—just as Robert Noland himself did.

In 2016, they made a Break Through campaign pledge. It ultimately will double the number of students who benefit from their scholarship over generations to come.

Read the whole story—formatted as a bit of a guessing game—in the fall 2016 issue of Techniques.

Giving Priorities