A Network of Support

Before Ramsathwick “Sathwick” Pathireddy (BS ’17) hit his stride at Caltech, he had to find his footing first.

Early in his freshman year, Sathwick and his twin brother, Ramruthwick “Ruthwick” Pathireddy (BS ’17), realized just how challenging a Caltech workload could be. Sathwick and Ruthwick had each other to turn to, but the brothers quickly discovered that their housemates and friends also were there to offer help.

“When I had questions about time management, what classes to take, or what internships to go for, I always had someone to talk to,” Sathwick says.

Other members of the Caltech community also helped to make sure that Sathwick got his bearings. A 2012 gift from Fred Anson (BS ’54), the Elizabeth W. Gilloon Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, and his wife, Roxana, created a scholarship fund that contributed to Sathwick’s undergraduate financial aid package. This type of support enables Caltech to sustain its need-blind admission policy, which meets 100 percent of domestic students’ demonstrated financial need.

“It might have been difficult to deal with education, sports, and trying to find financial support. I’m grateful that I could just focus on college. Being a Caltech student has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.”
- Sathwick Pathireddy

Sathwick thrived at Caltech, studying computer science and business, economics, and management. He also joined the Caltech men’s tennis team and, with his brother as his partner, set a new school record for the most doubles wins. As an upperclassman, Sathwick paid it forward by serving as a tutor and teaching assistant.

“I loved teaching undergraduates,” says Sathwick, who is now an associate consultant at Mars & Co. “I was able to guide them just like I had been guided by older Caltech students.”

Giving Priorities